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Buchans Wileys Property

Buchans Wileys Property Summary

The Buchans Wileys Property
Update for 2013

Buchans Wileys Property - Download | Proximity Map

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2013 Prospecting Summary – Buchans Wiley Property

The Wileys Property consists of five mineral licences (20533M – 28 claims, 20535M – 8 claims,     20466M – 6 claims, 021326M - 21 claims, 021329M – 2 claims) consisting of 64 contiguous, map-staked claims, covering a total area of 16 square km. The property is located on NTS map sheet 12A/15, approximately three kilometers south of the town of Buchans in central Newfoundland. The Wileys property is located 3-4 km southwest of the past producing Buchans Mine. The Buchans Mine produced 16,196,876 tonnes of ore at an average mill head grade of 14.51% zinc, 7.65% lead, 1.33% copper, 126 grams/tonne silver and 1.37 grams per tonne gold. This places it among the highest grade ores in North America. Licences 021326M and 021329M were recently staked to cover portions of what is termed the Clementine Trend. The Clementine Trend is host to a number of basemetal showings, including the Clementine prospect. The Clementine prospect, in1981 was reported to contain 363,000 tons grading 4.9% Zn, 2.6% Pb, and 41 g/t/Ag. Drilling since 1981 have reported grades such as of 15% combined Zn/ Pb/Cu over 3.96 meters and 17.4 combined Zn/Pb/Cu over 2.1 meters adding to the total tonnage. The Clementine prospect is within one km of the Buchans Wileys property.Refer to page 2 for property boundary.

A very limited five day prospecting program carried out in July 2013 within the Buchans Wileys property resulted in the discovery of three base metal rich boulders along the shoreline of Wileys Lake. Boulder 1 samples 53203 and 53204, returned grades of 10.6% Zn, 1.84% Cu, 2.27% Pb, 26.4 g/t Ag and 9.90% Zn, 1.31% Cu, 2.50 Pb, 19.2 g/t Ag respectively. The combined average of the two samples collected from Boulder 1 is 14.21%. Boulder 2, discovered approx. 500 meters north of Boulder 1, graded 13.5% Zn and 12.2 g/t/Ag. Boulder 3, discovered approx. 500 meters north of Boulder 2, returned grades of 3.20% Pb, 1.16% Zn and 9.1 g/t/Ag. It should also be noted that eight soil samples were collected at random returning results of some significance. Sample BW03 collected within 300 meters of the southeast end of Wileys Lake near a large bog, returned 260 ppm Pb and 228 ppm Zn. Two km to the northeast of BW03, sample BW01 returned 283 ppm Cu. Refer to page 2 for sample location Boulder 1, the larger of the boulders, measures approx. 40/30/20 cm and is considered angular. Boulder 2 measures approx. 30/15/15 and is also considered angular. Boulder 3 measures 30/15/15 and is considered sub-angular. The angularity of boulders 1 and 2 suggest a local source for the boulders, possibly within Wileys Lake. Refer to page 3 for photos of Boulder 1.

In 2006, reappraisal of historic data by Celtic Minerals led to the discovery of several previously untested geophysical targets in the Wileys Lake area, one of which is located underneath Wileys Lake. Celtic Minerals carried out a drill program consisting of three drill holes. While the drill program failed to intersect significant alteration or mineralization, it is considered that the drilling may not have even cut the intended target, the Buchans River Formation. Celtic recommended that all drillholes be probed with a TEM or UTEM system. With the discovery of the high grade basemetal boulders in the vicinity of the geophysical anomalies with deeper drilling in mind, more so now than ever, the Celtic recommendations should be carried out. Considering that there is a local source of the high grade boulders, possibly underneath Wileys Lake, the geophysical anomaly underneath Wileys Lake should be drill tested is highly recommended. This could best be carried out by setting up the drill rig on the ice of Wileys Lake during the winter freeze up period (January through March) when temperatures average -12 Celsius in the Buchans area.

Ubique Minerals acquires 6 more contiguous claims at Buchans Wiley's to include drill hole # 2944.

Hole 2944 intersected 147 feet of mineralized fragmentary rocks from 520 to 667 feet. This has been termed the Clench Brook Zone (Fig. 2). The units show moderate to strong quartz and/or sericite and/or chlorite alteration and carry strongly altered clasts. The upper 36 feet (520-556 ft) carry 10-15% pyrite as fine disseminations in the matrix. Barite is also present locally. The matrix sulphides mostly appear to be transported and one small (3 x 10 mm) chalcopyrite -pyrite clast is evident. Download the Drill Hole 2944 PDF



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